Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alpacas at the Green Show

Once again, the Eugene Green Home, Garden & Living Show was the scene of folks meeting alpacas and the beautiful clothing created from their soft fleece. With their padded toes, relatively light weight ("lite livestock"), and easy grazing that they recycle into low-nitrogen manure, alpacas are an eco-friendly package.

Their unique personalities and antics are an added bonus! It looks like Regalo and Bubinga are kissing, but actually they are eating hay from each other.

We harvest their bountiful fleece once each year to make alpaca yarn, blankets, clothing, accessories and wearable art. (Raw fleece and roving is also available for spinners.) When the Alpaca Breeders Connection is not hosting a booth at an event, our Alpaca Mercantile is available at Aragon Alpacas, 33005 Dillard Rd, Eugene, OR.

ABC is a collaborative group of Eugene-area alpaca owners who are passionate about these animals and the benefits of raising them. Besides holding Open Farm Day at our farms several times a year -- there's one next Saturday, January 28, 2012 -- we also offer educational seminars such as the ABC's of Alpacas (Feb 11, 2012). In this class we invite you to explore firsthand the care and requirements of raising alpacas, whether as breeding stock or as companionable fleece-production livestock.

By combining our extensive resources, ABC members mentor new and current alpaca owners. We come from differing backgrounds (most have never owned livestock before) and offer varying solutions and ideas. Networking is an important component, and we enjoy sharing our experiences and assistance, whether to assess the layout of pastures, to help on shearing day, or to cheer a new arrival.

Thank You for friends old and new who stopped by to greet us this weekend, and we look forward to connecting with you again soon!

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